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Used LED Surgical Lights and Surgical Tables

Northern Scientific sticks with what we know. Skytron Surgical Tables. Performing for a decade with minimal preventive maintenance, our surgical tables receive attention to detail like no other, and have enhanced operating rooms throughout the U.S. since 1993. Our surgical tables and LED lights come with a 365-day part and labor warranty. Whether you purchase from us or not, feel free to contact Kurt with any questions or concerns.

United States health care spending
is more than twice the average of
other developed countries

Patient safety and maintaining a competitive edge is paramount to Northern Scientific, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), and surgical hospitals throughout the United States. Due to lower cost in services to its patients, more than 1,500 patients per day in Minnesota choose to have their surgeries performed within an ASC in lieu of a traditional hospital. In order to help maintain a high level of care for their patients, many ASC’s throughout the U.S. belong to local organizations such as the Minnesota Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (MNASCA) or national organizations such as the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA).

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Skytron Surgical Lights
Used Medical Equipment Slideshow
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