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SOLD – Skytron Shoulder Chair


Skytron shoulder chair – Double ball joint (DBJ) (part number 3-040-32) accessory provides head, back and shoulder support for patients requiring shoulder manipulations and/or surgical procedures. It is designed for use in place of the table back and head sections on SKYTRON 6600, 6700, and 3600 series surgical tables. For tables with a fixed back section (6300, 6500, 6500HD, and 3500 series tables), it can be used in place of the leg section with these of an adapter (part number 3-040-21).

Price includes NEW:
3-040-20-3S Pad, left panel
3-040-20-5S Pad, main body
3-040-22 Head & chin straps (12 per case)
3-040-32-14 Pad, head section
3-040-20-4S Pad, right panel
3-040-20-22 Pad, lateral brace