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Dual Compartment Warming Cabinet Series M, J3, & J2


The SS2207-MG warming cabinet is designed to provide heated storage of blankets, sterile water and irrigation solutions. The full height design makes this model an ideal solution for surgery, recovery, OB/GYN, ICU, ER, trauma and general patient care departments. Please contact us for more details on availability of J3 and J2 series warmers and configurations. Thank you. Kurt

Exterior Dimensions: 30”W x 74 ½”H x 26 ½”D
Interior Dimensions: 25 ¼”W x 13 ½”H x 21 ½”D (Upper Compartment)
25 ¼”W x 34 ½”H x 21 ½”D (Lower Compartment)
Large Capacity to Store Full Supply of Blankets and Solutions
Data Logging of Real Time and Temperature with USB Retrieval
Optional Double Paned, Tempered Glass Door
Independent, Digital Thermostatic Controls per Compartment
Reversible Door Swing
Temperature Range is 90°-160°F
Models Available: SS2207-M, SS2207-MG

Product Brochure

Skytron Warming_Cabinets_Brochure

SS2207-J3(J3G) Datasheet