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M. F. Patterson Dental Supply Company – SOLD



MF Patterson Dental Supply Company – Dentist Light

Serial number: 1234

This antique dentists light is believed to have been manufactured by the M. F. Patterson Dental Supply Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Wall mounted swing arm is adjustable in two ways; 180-degrees left and right and a telescoping double pulley mechanism which is adjustable from thirty-six up to a sixty inch reach. Fixture height is 25.5 inches.

This rare and beautiful Chandelier consists of four acorn shaped Halophane glass shades which is smoothly raised and lowered by lifting up and pulling down on the thirteen-pound counter weight which hangs near the wall. To adjust the brightness in the past, a four position rotary “Perkins” switch located at the center of the chandelier allows the user to turn on all four lamps at once, two on one side, two on opposite sides, or only three lamps. Halophane glass is distinguished for its soft and even light dispersal as well as its ability to obscure the bulb within the shade. I recommend using a dimmable bulb with less than 75 watts, LED bulbs are preferred as they produce less heat.

Installation is achieved by attaching the mount to the wall using five screws at a height of nine feet from the floor. The entire fixture has been rewired, is properly grounded, and includes a three pronged plug. I recommend using a dimmable wall switch connected to a 120volt outlet to complete the electrical connection.

Restoration was achieved by maintaining the fixtures original patina and condition where possible. Original black paint was removed, primed and repainted, the exposed polished bronze and brass hardware was originally painted black. The brown finish is all original with exception to one side panel on the wall mounted swing arm. Each of the Halophane shades are original, only one shade has a minor blemish which is difficult to detect.

Antique Patterson Dental Light.
Vintage Dentist Light.