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Skytron 6700B Hercules Surgical Table


Skytron 6700B surgical tables were manufactured between 2004 to 2007 and represent a new standard in Surgical Table design and performance, with unmatched imaging flexibility and even greater lift and articulation power. Features include 1,200 lb. lift and 1,000 lb. articulation capacity, removable back and leg sections (with optional carbon fiber back/leg section), 210° top rotation, 23” low table height, Auto Beach Chair position, 30° tilt, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, and more! Optional Infrared (IR) Wireless Table Control is also available.

Optimal C-Arm Compatibility with Enhanced Low Height Range

Exclusive 210° top rotation provides uncommon C-Arm flexibility and eliminates any conflict between Surgeon and Anesthesiologist during head-end procedures, while also providing generous leg room for standing or seated surgeons. A low height range of 23” off the floor is standard. 

Removable Back and Leg Sections Optimize Image Flexibility Options

 Benefits of Removable Back and Leg Sections include optimal anesthesia access for shorter patients in lithotomy position and enhanced leg room for seated surgeons.  In addition, lower table heights can be more easily achieved by removing vs. lowering the leg section, thereby eliminating any articulation conflicts with the floor. Removable Back & Leg Sections also permit use of the optional 36” fully carbon fiber back/leg section for obstruction free imaging for Upper and Lower Body procedures. 

Speedy Set-Ups & Auto Beach Chair Function for Specialty Procedures

Removal of Back Section provides speedy attachment of Power Shoulder Arthroscopy Positioner. Auto Beach Chair Function takes the work out of positioning patients for shoulder arthroscopy and other Upper Body Procedures. Removable Leg Section permits surgeons more leg room, lower table height positioning for Urology, Cysto/GYN and other Lower Body Procedures. Optional 36” carbon fiber back/leg section provides obstruction free imaging for specialty procedures such as endovascular (attached to leg section) or lap-chole (attached to back section)
and more! 

Low Table Height Adjustment to 23”, When and Where It Is Needed Most

From General Purpose to Bariatric Surgery, the HERCULES 6700B Does it All!  1,200 lb. Lift & 1,000 lb. Articulation Capacity

  • 30° Patient Articulation including Tilt, Trendelenburg
    and Reverse Trendelenburg 
  • 23” Low Height Adjustment
  • Full Body Imaging Coverage
  • Automatic 4-Point, Self-leveling Brake Safety System
  • Full Line Bariatric Table Accessories

Big Patient Needs, Bigger Table Solutions

When a wider table top is required, the HERCULES 6700B provides simple and speedy set-up with side extension accessories that can quickly widen the table top to 30”. 

Durable Back-Lit, One Touch Pendant Control

It’s simply the easiest pendant control to use from any spot around the table, with convenient back-lighting for low light applications. 

  • Simple One Touch Operation
  • Back-Lit Control for High Visibility
    in Low Lighting
  • Audible Alarm for Kidney Bridge / Back Up Articulation
  • Anatomically Correct Return-to-Level
  • Anatomically Correct Beach Chair Position
  • Recessed Buttons Eliminate Accidental Activation
  • Exceptionally Durable, Water Resistant
  • Can be used in conjunction with optional Three Function Foot Control 


Electro-hydraulic operating room table shall operate at 120v, 60Hz, 1 phase and be protected by 15 amp circuit breaker. A removable 15-foot power cord with hospital grade plug shall be provided. Conductive casters shall allow side movement for ease of operation and cleaning. Unit is to be equipped with standardized side rails and a four- point, push-button operated braking system for safety and stability. A pendant-type control unit shall be operable from any point around the entire perimeter of the table. The table is to lift a 1,200 lb. and articulate a 1,000 lb. patient. Entire table top shall be radiolucent to provide image intensification capability. Positioning capabilities to include: lateral tilt of 30°; Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg of 30°; Kidney bridge elevation of 5-3/4”; back up of 90°; back down of 40°; height adjustment range of 23” to 44” (27” to 48” with X-Ray top and 2” pad); leg section down 100°, leg section up 20°; 210° top rotation. Unit is also provided with 40° flex and 90° reflex function control button; auto beach chair and return-to-level positions. Removable leg section and back section. Optional infrared (IR) wireless table control. Table is to be Skytron Model HERCULES 6700B (Battery Power) equipped with visual battery life indicator. 

Save 50% from the price of a new table!  Our REBUILT HERCULES 6700B is our lowest priced general purpose surgical table within the 6700 series by Skytron.

Warranty:  365 day part and labor

Capacity lift and articulate 1,200/1,000 pounds
Height 23/44 inches, * (6701 model is 23/41 inches), (6702 model is 23-5/8/44-1/2 inches).
Auto Beach chair
210° table top rotation
Lateral tilt right/left 30°
Flex and reflex 40°/90°
Leg up and down 20°/100°
Back up and down 90°/40°
Trendelenburg and reverse 30°/30°
Power kidney bridge height 5 ¾ inches. * (6701 model is 6 inches high), (6702 model is 5-7/8 inches high).
Secondary controls on base of table
Anatomically correct return to horizontal position from articulated positions
Battery life indicator
Removable leg and back sections

Product Brochure

6700B brochure