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Skytron 6702 Hercules Surgical Table


Currently being sold new by Skytron, the 6702 model has been manufactured since 2013

Skytron 6702 Hercules allow 210 degree top rotation at the turn of a handle, making procedure and imaging setup easier than ever. Seamlessly rotate the table toward the C-arm or transition the patient between the surgeon and anesthesiologist during head-end procedures. Featuring 1,200 pound lift and 1,000 pound articulation capacity combined with our lowest table height, the 6702 Hercules can also support bariatric patents with comfortable surgical access. Its radiolucent top permits sharp image amplification while the sturdy side rails will accept a full range of complementary accessories. From its ease of setup to its impressive power, the 6702 Hercules helps any operating room manage a greater variety of procedures with only one surgical table!

The 6702 hercules also brings confidence to the operating room. Recognized for their reliable performance, Skytron surgical tables are consistently rated as having a lower cost of ownership.

210 degree top rotation
Capacity lift and articulate 1,200/1,000 pounds
Height 23-5/8/44-1/2 inches.  * (6700B is 23/44 inches), (6701 is 23/41 inches).
Auto Beach chair
210° table top rotation
Lateral tilt right/left 30°
Flex and reflex 40°/90°
Leg up and down 20°/100°
Back up and down 90°/40°
Trendelenburg and reverse 30°/30°
Power kidney bridge height 5-7/8 inches.  * (6700B is 5-3/4 inches), (6701 is 6 inches).
Secondary controls on base of table
Anatomically correct return to horizontal position from articulated positions
Battery life indicator
Removable leg and back sections

Product Brochure

6702 Hercules Brochure