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Skytron’s stainless steel scrub sinks bring convenience and excellence to your pre-surgical scrub processes. Skytron scrub sinks are designed to provide the highest degree of durability and ease of use, all while protecting your OR from contamination risks.

Each of Skytron’s scrub sinks allows hands free operation with the standard knee-kick control. Preset water temperatures are dispensed automatically and the aerator can be adjusted to provide either a stream or rosette spray.

Several unique features also allow Skytron’s scrub sinks to minimize any risk of harmful contaminates entering the surgical environment. The deep basins and gooseneck style faucet allow surgical staff increased scrub abilities while helping them avoid any physical contact with the sink. Plexiglass splash dividers prevent any cross contamination between basins and the large drains provide efficient water removal that can reduce bacterial growth.

You can also count on Skytron’s scrub sinks for years of quality performance. Unlike other scrub sink options today, our sinks are made of medical grade Type 304 stainless steel and feature a full stainless skirting for optimal durability.

Single, dual and triple bay configurations available
Deck mounted mixing valve for precise temperature control
Deep sloped sink
Gooseneck faucet for ‘rosette-style’ spray or steady stream
Sink bowls are undercoated for quiet and condensation-free operation
Available Models: SS2121-MK, SS2122-MK, SS2123-MK
Infrared Control
Backshelf for convenient storage of scrub accessories
Eye Wash
Sink Carriers
Pedestal Base
Laminar Flow Diffusers

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MK Scrub Sink Datasheet